Big Sean dons 65,000 bees for new ‘What A Life’ video
(Credit: Joe Weil)

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Big Sean dons 65,000 bees for new 'What A Life' video

Working alongside Hit-Boy, Big Sean is showing up as one of the biggest names in hip hop right now. Not only did he crush a nine-minute freestyle earlier this week but has now released a new video for ‘What A Life’ which is creating a real buzz.

The video sees the rapper don 65,000 bees as part of the new video. It’s not only a very cool looking stunt but a dangerous one too — one that Big Sean was proud to confirm involved no CGI.

Big Sean posted an image of himself covered by a swarm of the buzzing insects on Instagram and was keen to let his fans know the pain he was willing to go through for them: “In the song I said 100 B’s, but it was really 65,000 🐝’s on me.

“This not photoshopped neither. I HAD 65,000 Bee’s on me… love to the 🐝 hive. I just ain’t want y’all to think it was some damn effects or some shit 😂.”

The video continues on without the bees in every shot as it flits between juxtaposing images as Big Sean takes deep reflective moments to a brand new height. Floating above the city skyline is where he does his best thinking apparently before eventually being chased by a marauding group of brides. Success isn’t all it is cracked up to be, it would seem.

Watch the brand new video for Hit-Boy and Big Sean’s song ‘What A Life’ below: