Beyoncé announces two-night ‘Club Renaissance’ event in Los Angeles
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Beyoncé announces two-night ‘Club Renaissance’ event in Los Angeles

Beyoncé has revealed two nights of her ‘Club Renaiisance’ nights in Los Angeles, which mark six months of the album.

Details were sent out to fans earlier this week for the two-night event, which runs on December 17th and 18th. Although they’ve still not revealed the location of the event, it has been announced the doors will open at 8:15pm ahead of the show starting 45 minutes later.

Unsurprisingly, it only took a matter of minutes for both events to sell out. Currently, it remains unseen whether Beyoncé will appear in person on either of the nights. Previously, she showed up at similar listening parties in New York and Paris, the latter was also attended by Doja Cat and Tyler, The Creator.

Previously, there have also been events held in various locations, including Berlin, Amsterdam and Ghent, where Beyoncé didn’t appear. Sony Music has labelled these nights as listening parties where Renaissance is played in full.

Meanwhile, according to reports, Beyoncé will make her road crew perform ‘MeToo’ checks ahead of her 2023 world tour. Ahead of the tour, which is rumoured to begin next summer, Beyoncé is reportedly carrying out background checks on those who will work with her. The Sun claims her dancers, band, and crew will have their past’s examined to prevent sexual misconduct and “make the tour a safe and friendly work environment”.

A source also informed the publication both alcohol and drugs would be banned during rehearsals and the tour. It’s claimed: “Bey knows the new performances will require intense choreography and precision, so everyone has to be clean and sober. There won’t be any crazy partying on the road either.”