Benzino challenges Eminem to a rap battle
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Benzino challenges Eminem to a rap battle

Former co-owner of Source magazine, Benzino recently took back some of his derogatory remarks about Eminem as he opened up about their fiery feuds over the years.

During the 2000s, the magazine’s heyday, as its co-owner and editor-in-chief Benzino became a prominent figure within the culture. However, he refused to give Eminem’s project, The Eminem Show, five stars despite its commercial success and ever since the pair have been feuding.

Despite Eminem showing little interest in Benzino and his failed attempts to diss him over the years, the former magazine co-owner seems determined to continue his over two-decades-long beef with the Detroit emcee.

In a recent interview with hip-hop media outlet TMZ, Benzino insisted that he is ready to have a three-round rap battle with Em (real name Marshall Mathers). Referencing his recent diss track, Benzino stated, “It’s not necessarily where I thought that I was lyrically better than Eminem. But at this point, after ‘Rap Elvis,’ I believe I could face-to-face battle with him, and I’m willing to do so.”

He continued, “I’m willing to challenge him right here on TMZ, a face-to-face battle, three rounds. And I believe I could take him.” The somewhat irrelevant figure (real name Raymond Scott) admitted that in the early 2000s, he most likely would have lost to Mathers but insists he is now likely to win. 

Explaining this, he told the outlet, “But since then, I’ve mastered my craft, and I’m in the best lyrical shape of my life, and I’m ready to battle Eminem. And I think that would be great for Hip Hop.”

Earlier this year, Mathers dissed Benzino on the track ‘Doomsday Pt. 2’. Scott then fired back with two songs of his own, ‘Vulturius’ and ‘Rap Elvis’. However, many know that for Eminem, it is just sports, and very few would be interested in a 58-year-old Benzino trying to salvage his career with a rap battle.