Bad Bunny recruits Al Pacino for new song ‘Monaco’
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Bad Bunny recruits Al Pacino for new song 'Monaco'

Bad Bunny has levelled up and secured The Godfather and Scarface actor Al Pacino to star in the music video of his new track ‘Monaco’.

The song features on Bad Bunny’s most recent album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana, released on Friday, October 13th. The title translates to ‘Nobody Knows What Will Happen Tomorrow’.

A follow-up to last year’s Un Verano Sin Ti, the 22-track album was released by Rimas Entertainment and features guest appearances from likes of Arcángel, Bryant Myers, De la Ghetto and Eladio Carrión. Previously, it was announced that Bad Bunny would feature on Drake’s new single.

Built around a sample of Charles Aznavour’s ‘Hier encore’, ‘Monaco’ boasts a music video showcasing the rapper in the titular country, cruising on luxury yachts and celebrating Formula 1.

Most importantly, however, are the scenes featured at the beginning and the end of the video, with Bad Bunny sitting down with Pacino to enjoy wine and pasta in the famous New York restaurant, Carbone.

At the end of the video, Bad Bunny, aka San Benito, shakes the Heat actor’s hand and asks him, “How’s it going?” Pacino responds, “Playing games, what else is new? Hey, you’re doing great.” The actor continues, “You really are doing great. He’s charging it up!”

Benito graciously thanks the actor for the praise, who in response tells Benito he’ll see him soon. Watch the full music video below.