Azealia Banks has advised Nicki Minaj to file for divorce
(Credit: Manfred Werner)


Azealia Banks has advised Nicki Minaj to file for divorce

‘New Bottega’ emcee Azealia Banks has addressed her New York female rap counterpart Nicki Minaj and has suggested that she get a divorce from her current husband and father of her son Kenneth Petty.

In a series of Instagram stories, the Harlem musician highlighted Minaj’s declining relevancy and tenuous relationship with Cardi B. However, Banks’ opinion on Minaj and Cardi has changed more times than one can count. However, she currently believes that Minaj needs to ditch her husband if she is to move forward in her career.

Although Banks has previously referred to Cardi B as an “illiterate rat” and a disgrace to female rap, she currently appreciates that people consume her music because of her personality and takes issue with Minaj’s insistence on crucifying people on Instagram Live.

Suggesting Nicki stop focusing on the ‘WAP’ act, Banks told Nicki, “U can’t be crying for Cardi B’s friendship. And still almost six years later, not having been able to realize that she’s beating you not because she’s better – but because she’s FUN and FUNNY.”

She continued, “You cried because Cardi wouldn’t be ur friend. We know u like her as much as we do.. It’s okay to appreciate what she brings to the table.” Banks then addressed Nicki’s recent collaborations and frustratedly wrote, “Ugh, Nicki, please stop doing these trash collabs.”

Although the Harlem rapper’s delivery can sometimes be harsh and condescending, Minaj has recently done many collaborations. From ‘Hot Girl Summer’ with Megan Thee Stallion to her 2020 collaboration with 6ix9ine and, most recently, with Ice Spice, Minaj has been doing many guest appearances. However, most would argue that the ‘Super Bass’ rapper had over a decade of domination in the industry and, as all artists do, has reached the end of her musical road.

However, Banks believes she could dominate again if she files for divorce, writing, I’m sorry, but no man who loves you is gonna let you sit around on Instalive and scream misinformed obscenities at the top of your lungs while his kid is in the other room. That man was sent to MAKE SURE YOU DESTROY YOURSELF, and you need to realize this asap..including divorcing that enabler man!”