Attempted murder charges dropped against Lil Durk
(Credit: Lyrical Lemonade/YouTube)


Attempted murder charges dropped against Lil Durk

The attempted murder charges against Lil Durk from 2019 have been dropped against the Atlanta rapper.

In February 2019, there was a shooting outside the restaurant The Varsity which led the police to put out a warrant for his arrest. Three months later, he eventually turned himself in. Along with the late King Von, who died in 2020, the pair were charged by a Fulton County judge with conspiracy to attempt murder, aggravated assault, participation in street gang activity, possession of firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of firearm by a convicted felon.

However, a Dismissal of Charges Motion has now been issued by Georgia’s Superior Court of Fulton County, which means the charges against Durk have now been dropped.

District Attorney Fani T. Willis stated: “The facts of this case have been reviewed and, although it appears that probable cause existed for the defendant’s arrest, the decision of the District Attorney at this time is not to prosecute.”

Durk’s attorney Manny Arora said: “While it took three years for the State to make the right decision, in the end the right decision was made and Mr. Banks can finally put this event behind him. I have nothing to hide. I have nothing to run from.”

After the initial warrant was released about the rapper, he responded in his song, ‘Turn Myself In’, which saw him deny the “false accusations”. Meanwhile, earlier this year, Lil Durk suffered an eye injury on stage at Lollapalooza and subsequently took time out.