Andre 3000 releases statement on leaked Kanye collaboration
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Andre 3000 releases statement on leaked Kanye collaboration

Iconic rapper and actor, André 3000, has released a lengthy statement regarding his participation in ‘Life of the Party’, an unreleased Kanye West track and alleged Donda outtake that Drake shared during a September 2nd SiriusXM broadcast. 

In the statement, 3000 claims that his contribution didn’t make the final cut due to West’s current aversion to profanity. The Outkast rapper weighed in on the discussion through a representative. His statement also added he wrote his ‘Life of the Party’ verse while shooting for Noah Baumbach’s upcoming adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel, White Noise in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The statement started: “A few weeks ago Kanye reached out about me being a part of the Donda album. I was inspired by his idea to make a musical tribute to his mom. It felt appropriate to me to support the Donda concept by referencing my own mother, who passed away in 2013. We both share that loss.” 

It continued: “I thought it was a beautiful choice to make a clean album but, unfortunately, I didn’t know that was the plan before I wrote and recorded my verse. It was clear to me that an edited ‘clean’ format of the verse would not work without having the raw, original also available. So, sadly, I had to be omitted from the original album release.”

3000 also discussed the recent eruption in tensions between Kanye West and Drake: “The track I received and wrote to didn’t have the diss verse on it and we were hoping to make a more focused offering for the Donda album but I guess things happen like they are supposed to. It’s unfortunate that it was released in this way and two artists that I love are going back and forth. I wanted to be on Certified Lover Boy too. I just want to work with people that inspire me. Hopefully, I can work with Kendrick on his album. I’d love to work with Lil’ Baby, Tyler and Jay-Z. I respect them all.”

Catch André 3000 in Noah Baumbach’s upcoming film next year. The drama discusses the effects of the ‘Airborne Toxic Event’, a cataclysmic disaster in a fictional American town. The 1985 novel is a postmodern classic, so audiences are hotly awaiting the film’s release. 

Listen to ‘Life of the Party’, below.