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Big Boi shares rare early footage of him rehearsing in high school

Big Boi has delighted fans with a rare video of himself rehearsing and performing back when he was just 16 and still in high school.

The video sees Big Boi, back when he was Antwan Patton, introduced as Outkast and messing around with friends at Tri-Cities High School in Atlanta, Georgia. It would be two years later when Outkast would start life as a duo after Patton brought Andre 3000 into the fold, and they slowly became a force to be reckoned with by the end of the ’90s.

The footage sees the then aspiring rapper perform with two other students in front of some homemade stage. It’s clear from even back then that Patton was a cut above and was a special talent.

Last year, Big Boi hinted at a collaboration with Kate Bush, but sadly it’s yet to commence. “I love Kate Bush. That’s my people, man,” he said to Yahoo. “My uncle turned me on to her since I was like in 8th grade. And this is like my mom’s brother, like the weirdo brother. He turned me on to Kate and Fleetwood Mac and Sting and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and he just listened to everything.

“Stay tuned, stay tuned. Just stay tuned. … I can’t even talk about it right now!” he replied when probed on a potential collaboration with Bush.
Check out the footage below.