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Listen to the acapella track of Big Pun and Fat Joe on 'Twinz'

Since Big Pun’s death, things have got messy between his family and Fat Joe. However, this acapella of their track ‘Twinz’ is a reminder of a simpler time.

Joe was the first person to give Big Pun a break after he signed him to Terror Squad. It was Joe’s label, and he signed an array of unknown talents to the company, with Pun becoming the breakout star. Fascinatingly, DJ Khaled was also part of their collective.

Big Pun’s debut album Capital Punishment made him a huge name in the hip-hop game, and part of his success was down to Joe’s co-sign, which made his fans gravitate towards Pun.

They worked together on various tracks such as ‘Still Not A Player’, but there was no finer moment than ‘Twinz’. It was the third single from his debut album and one of the biggest songs of Big Pun’s career.

Last year, Pun’s widow publically went for Joe after he claimed on the Drink Champs podcast that he’s never taken a penny from ‘Twinz’ or their other collaborations following his death.

“Take everything, it’s not a problem, everybody got whatever they want…Fat Joe doesn’t own a dollar… I don’t have nothing to do with Big Pun,” he claimed.

However, Liza Ross fired back and defended her right to claim Joe had “robbed” her family. She posted: “Joe want me to apologize to him for me going after what was rightfully my families!? He is responsible for over $2.3 million in royalties that was never paid to Pun it’s all in the court papers! All public info!”

In a follow-up comment, she took aim at the podcast hosts and said: “I promise you if you passed away and who ever your signed to takes all the money that was rightfully yours and leaves your wife and kids with nothing and homeless you don’t think your wife is gonna fight for what is yours and your kids. Ask HER!! Please I seen your wife she won’t play that. Stop it Pun is looking at you crazy!”

During simpler times, Joe was like an extended member of Pun’s family, and ‘Twinz’ shows just how inseparable they once were. Tragically, it has turned out this way, but this acapella is proof of the brotherly bond that once glued them.