A new HBO documentary on the meteoric rise of Lizzo has been confirmed
(Credit: Lizzo / Press)


A new HBO documentary on the meteoric rise of Lizzo has been confirmed

If you needed any further proof that Lizzo had transcended from ‘hot new thing’ to ‘well-established artist’ then you need only check the HBO listings for the upcoming year. On there, you will notice the singer has been given her own HBO documentary, charting her meteoric rise to the top of the pop charts.

The documentary is set to premiere on HBO Max in the autumn, seemingly following Lizzo’s upcoming LP Special. Lizzo has become a behemoth pop star in recent years, and this upcoming doc will likely cement that notion.

The documentary will be directed by Doug Pray. The director was previously in charge of the iconic Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine documentary The Defiant Ones, which ranks as one of the better music documentaries of the last decade.

The project is yet to have a full title and will not have a release date for some weeks. However, that hasn’t stopped Lizzo’s fans from building a huge wave of excitement. Having shared a new single, ‘About Damn Time’ from her upcoming LP, there’s a strong suggestion that the film will follow shortly after.

While that song will appear on Special, earlier last year, Lizzo performed a classic collaboration with Cardi B on the truly brilliant ‘Rumors’. Lizzo has since confirmed that the song will not appear on the upcoming record.

Listen to Lizzo’s new single ‘About Damn Time’.