50 Cent celebrates ‘In Da Club’ reaching one billion YouTube views
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50 Cent celebrates ‘In Da Club’ reaching one billion YouTube views

50 Cent has celebrated reaching the lofty height of 1 billion views on YouTube for his iconic single ‘In Da Club’. The 2003 hit is a rap anthem that helped to define an era. 

Now, it has the numbers to prove that. When you consider that the population of planet earth is only 7.8 billion, you begin to understand the breadth of his achievement. However, the star remained downbeat in his celebrations. 

The hip hop star also broke into the top ten most-played rappers of 2022 despite not releasing an album since 2014. “I didn’t put nothing out in a while,” he wrote. “I would be mad if I was new and I wasn’t on the list.”

In total, 50 Cent garnered 1.8 billion YouTube plays which squeezed him above Lil Durk on the list as the up-and-coming star hit a respectable 1.6 billion views. Meanwhile, Eminem remained supreme with a massive 5.1 billion streams, prompting 50 Cent to praise, “that’s my boy.”

50 Cent’s YouTube channel has been a source of many thrills over the years. Aside from the music, you have his legendary ice bucket challenge video, during which he offered Floyd Mayweather the chance to read one page of a Harry Potter book, which was later downgraded to The Cat in the Hat

He promises more entertainment will be on the way in 2023. He concluded his message: “I’m gonna remind people I’m nice this year. New music. TV. Let’s go!”