Bad Bunny releases flowing new song ‘Gato de Noche’
(Credit: Wikimedia)


Bad Bunny releases flowing new song ‘Gato de Noche’

Reggaeton star Bad Bunny is back with another bop with the release of his latest single ‘Gato de Noche’. For the flowing new anthem, he teamed up with fellow Puerto Rican rapper Ñengo Flow. 

2022 was yet another massive year for Bad Bunny. The star became the first artist in the history of Spotify to claim the most streamed spot for three consecutive years having held the money-making title since 2020. 

This year, the Puerto Rican star was reportedly streamed an absolutely absurd 18.5 billion times. To put that in context, there are only 7.8 billion people on the entire planet. Thus, the figure was more than enough to pip Taylor Swift who sits in second and Drake in third. 

Why not celebrate that with a new track? So, the rapper enlisted The Smash David and Foreign Teck to produce his new track featuring Ñengo Flow. He first teased the release on TikTok with a short video captioned: “Close the year.”

Fans will say that he is doing that in style. His music is currently a very smooth machine. Simply put, he knows how to provide what his fans are after and they keep lapping it up in their droves. 

You can check out his final single of 2022, ‘Gato de Noche’, below.