50 Cent has mocked Ja Rule’s latest performance on Instagram
(Credit: Spotify / Wikimedia)


50 Cent has mocked Ja Rule's latest performance on Instagram

Ja Rule and 50 Cent have feuded since 1999, and it seems as though the pair are still far from friends, with the latter reigniting the hostility yesterday (September 7th).

50 Cent took to Instagram to share a video of Ja performing ‘One Of Us’ at the 2023 BMI R&B/Hip Hop Awards, which took place on Wednesday (September 6th).

For his performance, Ja was tied to a wooden column and surrounded by singers wearing white robes, invoking a biblical scene. However, 50 Cent appeared to find it hilarious, captioning the clip, “Look at this shit head, is he supposed to be Jesus [smiling face emoji]. WTF you can’t make this shit up. LOL so stupid!”

Naturally, Ja responded, although he has since deleted the post. He shared an upside-down photo of 50 Cent performing with the caption, “We ain’t forget — enjoy these criminal charges and lawsuit, dickhead!” The rapper added several hashtags, including “#Laughingitup.”

This is just another incident to add to the pair’s decades-long feud. Back in June, 50 Cent laughed at Ja’s appearance at Nelly’s Hot In Herre Festival, in which he used a hospital stretcher as part of his performance.

Ja replied by calling 50 Cent “an obsessed side bitch,” before asking him to “do me a favour and TAKE MY DICK OUT YOUR MOUTH!!! Pause.”

Check out 50 Cent’s recent post below.