Ja Rule says 50 Cent told him he would use beef to succeed
(Credit: Spotify / Wikimedia)


Ja Rule says 50 Cent told him he would use beef to succeed

In a recent appearance on the My Expert Opinion podcast with Math Hoffa, Mecc, Champ, Bigga, and Gat, Queens rapper Ja Rule revealed that, before their feud, 50 Cent once told him he planned to take over the music industry through beef with other rappers.

The two Queens rappers had a vicious rivalry throughout the 2000s. However, Ja Rule revealed that he knew Fifty before he became famous when he was signed to Jam Master Jay.

The emcee (real name Jeffrey Atkins) explained that during the 1990s, 50 Cent was eager to collaborate with him. Elaborating on how his connection to Jam Master Jay, Atkins divulged, “I use to go over to Jam Master Jay’s studio — when he [50 Cent] was signed to JMJ because Black Child was over there. He was also signing to JMJ.”

He continued, “So I go over there. Go see my n*gga Black. And, you know… I was already on. I had a record deal with my n*ggas Cash Money Click — so he used to kick it with me, he used to want to do a record with me.”

Atkins explained how, at this time, although he and 50 Cent were cordial, he was so busy the collaboration never happened, detailing, “I got nothing against him, but the record never got done — I’m busy. I’m running around. I’m trying to do things. It’s no slight to nobody. It just didn’t happen.”

However, Atkins then disclosed that, from the start, the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ artist was intent on stirring up controversy in hip-hop. According to the ‘Caught Up’ musician, 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) had told him he was willing to step on others in order to reach the top. 

Jackson also admitted that he was happy to initiate long-lasting and vicious beef it was going to help his career. Following the G-unit and Murder Inc. feud that ensued, Atkins revealed that Jackson has since approached him to address the beef but has been extremely insincere about it. You can watch the interview below.