50 Cent talks about crashing Jay-Z, Kanye West & T.I. shows
(Credits: Alamy)


50 Cent talks about crashing Jay-Z, Kanye West & T.I. shows

50 Cent has fired off a comic anecdote about making Jay-Z, Kanye West and T.I. uncomfortable after the rapper stormed the stage at their shows in the past. 

Seemingly responding to perceived criticism by the trio, 50 Cent seemed to hit out at remarks saying that he only made one good album by posting his evidence of the moment that he annoyed them with his live showmanship. 

At a concert, 50 Cent makes an impromptu dash for the stage and the trio are evidently annoyed by this move. While T.I. might remark “this is a real special moment,” it would seem that the 2007 moment left them very uncomfortable. 

Thus, 50 Cent shared the clip and commented: “This is why they say I only had one album. I made them so uncomfortable. I’m working on being a better person. LOL.”

Over the years, 50 Cent has had numerous run-ins with Jay-Z with beef always heavily hinted at between the pair. In fact, at the recent Dr Dre Super Bowl halftime show, it has been alleged that Jay-Z didn’t want the Get Rich rapper to perform by Eminem threatened to pull out if 50 Cent wasn’t present. 

Whether this all dates back to the stage storming is another matter. But you can see the incident below.