2Pac passes Jay-Z as ‘All Eyez On Me’ breaks Spotify record
(Credit: Wikimedia)


2Pac passes Jay-Z as 'All Eyez On Me' breaks Spotify record

Late West Coast rapper 2Pac is still breaking records as over 15 years after its release, his fourth studio album, All Eyez On Me, surpasses Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt to become the first project from 1996 to reach three billion streams on Spotify. 

This legendary milestone was announced on Twitter/X on January 30th by the account @2Pac Charts in a post which read, “Tupac’s All Eyez On Me just became the first album from 1996 to reach 3 billion streams on Spotify. No other album from 1996 has even reached 2 billion.”

Other albums from 1996 that are legendary with significantly fewer streams include Reasonable Doubt, which has accrued just over 200million streams and Nas’ sophomore effort It Was Written, which has just over 550million streams.  

The hip-hop adjacent album, The Score, by The Fugees, comprised of Lauryn Hill, Michel Pras and Wyclef Jean, has managed to gain over one billion streams — a significant number but falls short of 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me.

In other 2Pac news, a pre-Death Row 1992 concert ticket signed by the late icon has been sold by the LA-based auction house Nate D. Sanders Auctions. The item was acquired a mere two months after the release of his debut album, 2Pacalypse Now.

The ticket was signed at a 1992 Digital Underground performance in San Francisco with the personalized message, “PEACE 2U 2PAC.” It was sold for $9,583. This early piece of memorabilia represents 2Pac’s time in Oakland.

Similarly, last year, a personalized crown ring owned by the rapper was sold for $1 million, making it the most valuable hip-hop artefact ever sold. The ring contained gold, rubies and diamonds.