The New York rapper that was meant to be on ‘All Eyez On Me’
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The New York rapper that was meant to be on 'All Eyez On Me'

2Pac released many legendary albums during his career. However, one of his classic projects is the 1996 body of work, All Eyez On Me. Released during the height of the East Coast and West Coast battle, many know that the album boasts features from LA artists such as Kurupt and Nate Dogg. However, few know that a New York emcee was meant to appear on the LP.

Speaking about the fourth track on the album, which features Kurupt, Redman, and Method Man, Snoop (real name Calvin Broadus) recalled that Method Man wasn’t the original artist 2Pac called on.

Revealing the artist that was pulled from the song, Broadus unveiled, “You know they got a song together, right? Kurupt and Method Man on Tupac’s album…But guess who’s on that song first? Nas!” As Noreaga and DJ EFN gasped in disbelief that 2Pac had a song with the Queensbridge legend, Snoop unpacked the details of ‘Got My Mind Made Up.’

Broadus detailed the validity of his claim: “I’m telling you the truth. Nas came over to Daz [Dillinger] ‘s house and got on the song first, then Redman and Method Man got on that song. Then Tupac got out the pen, and Daz gave it to 2Pac and took [Nas] verse off but left Method Man and Redman on it. Yeah, you heard it first, n*gga. And if you get at Daz, he may have the files.”

However, Nas was among many New York artists who pulled from ‘Got My Mind Made Up.’ 2Pac also removed Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck from the cut. Furthermore, West Coast lyricists The Lady of Rage and RBX also had their verses pulled from the song, which started as a Dogg Pound track before it landed on All Eyez On Me.

A track with Nas and 2Pac was eventually released. However, it was a posthumous vocal that appeared on Nas’ 2002 album God’s Son. He also eventually collaborated with Tha Dogg Pound on ‘Don’t Stop, Keep Going.’

Last year, an unreleased diss song Nas recorded aimed at 2Pac called ‘Real N*ggas’ circulated online, on which he rapped, “From tube-socks in Timbs to blue rocks and Benz / Who got the ends, the type of n*gga 2Pac pretends / To all n*ggas who shine, guess who got revenge.”

You can hear the final version of ‘Got My Mind Made Up’ below.