21 Savage wants to be cryogenically frozen for 2121
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21 Savage wants to be cryogenically frozen for 2121

21 Savage has revealed his plans to be cryogenically frozen so that he can see out his dream to live in the year 2121.

Taking to Twitter on New Year’s Eve, the Atlantian rapper confessed: “I Just Want To Be Alive For 2121 Somebody Freeze Me Right Quick.” The social media post subsequently went viral, earning over 55,000 likes.

While many fans confessed that they too would like to be frozen – “I been on this type shit, freeze me like they did Walt Disney,” one fan wrote, while others argued that there was no need for 21 Savage to lock himself in a freezer for posterity. “Your music has left a mark …you’ll definitely still be played for our great great great grandkids,” wrote another.

Cryonics is the sub-zero storage of human remains in the hope that scientists will invent a technology capable of resurrecting them. It is, therefore, a purely speculative practice and is widely considered a pseudoscience.

That hasn’t stopped countless people from giving it a go. As of 2014, around 250 bodies had been cryopreserved in the US, while another 1,500 were awaiting the procedure.

If 21 Savage were to go through with the procedure, he’d need to be frozen within minutes of death. Sadly, it isn’t actually possible for a corpse to be reanimated after being frozen, as the vitrification process damages the neural networks in the human brain.

So, even if he did wake up in 2121, he probably wouldn’t be capable of stringing a sentence together, let alone rap.