Yung Joc calls Lil Nas X “extreme”
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Yung Joc calls Lil Nas X “extreme”

Atlanta emcee and reality TV star Yung Joc has recently spoken up about his Georgia counterpart Lil Nas X in an interview following the release of his latest single ‘J Christ’ last week.

Joc (real name Jasiel Robinson) is most known for his 2006 single ‘It’s Goin Down’ from his debut album New Joc City. However, the lyricist is not impressed by Lil Nas X and in an interview with DJ Vlad for Vlad TV, the emcee expressed his opinion of the ‘Old Town Road’ artist. 

Following the release of ‘J Christ’, many have accused Lil Nas X of mocking religion, Christians, and God. Furthermore, many have accused him of promoting Satanism by continuously showing himself alongside the devil. However, he recently insisted he is in his “Christian era.”

With his highly explicit sexual videos and outlandish fashion, Robinson labelled Lil Nas X as “extreme”, stating, “He keeps hitting us with these extremes. It was just so extreme that I feel like he blew his load.”

However, despite all of the criticism Lil Nas X (real name Montero Hill) gets, Joc had some positive things to say about the rhymer, insisting that his breakout single ‘Old Town Road’ showed young MCs that they didn’t have to be gangsters.

Elaborating on this, Robinson explained, “He went from zero to a hundred instantly. It gave people hope like, ‘Wow, you might be on to something so dope that other little Black boys can follow right behind you in this way, and it’s showing that they don’t have to just rap or do R&B. Like, you’re singing country music.'”

Despite the massive influx of criticism Hill faced after the release of his ‘J Christ’ music video, the single has proved to be a success and has accrued over 12 million views on YouTube alone. You can hear Yung Joc speaking about Hill on Vlad TV below.