Young Thug will star in new Tiffany Haddish film ‘Throw It Back’
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Young Thug will star in new Tiffany Haddish film 'Throw It Back'

Rapper Young Thug has picked up a role in the new Tiffany Haddish film Throw It Back and will star alongside Shahadi Wright Joseph, who recently starred as Zora Wilson and Umbrae in the acclaimed Jordan Peele movie Us.

Young Thug is also set to executive produce the soundtrack for Throw It Back and will release the official collection via his own label, Young Stoner Life Records, making it one of the rapper’s more important projects this year.

The film, directed by Shadae Lamar Smith, was written by Rochée Jeffrey and is being produced by an all-star team including Tiffany Haddish, Melanie Clark, Paul Feig, and Laura Fischer.

Comedian Haddish will also take on a supporting role in the film, which has been described as a “musical dramedy”. While we try to unpick what that could mean, the introduction of Young Thug as executive producer on the soundtrack could make this very interesting.

Throw It Back is the story of Wyrell, a senior in high school who enters a dance competition to be a part of a group that works with “a controversial superstar Miami rapper,” which may well be Young Thug’s role.

Whether the film will provide Young Thug with the opportunity for new music remains to be seen but his fans will be eagerly awaiting this one.