Young Thug was with Mac Miller the day before he died
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Young Thug was with Mac Miller the day before he died

Young Thug is a divisive character in the hip-hop world. However, Mac Miller was not one of those individuals who saw the rapper as a detriment to the lyrical sovereignty of the genre. In fact, the two were collaborators at one point, and in a 2021 interview with the New York radio show The Breakfast Club, the Atlanta rapper (real name Jeffery Williams) even revealed that the two artists were in the studio the day before Miller passed away.

Williams and Atlanta rapper Future have constantly been scrutinised for irresponsibly glorifying drug use within their music. However, Thug has always refuted these accusations, and irrespective of the critics, he has continued to be well-received by the hip-hop community. Mac Miller (real name Malcolm McCormick) was one artist who particularly enjoyed his music.

As he delved into his backstory, rise to fame and temporary involvement in crime, Williams spoke about individuals in the industry who supported and embraced him. One of those people happened to be McCormick. The two acts had very different come-ups. However, Thug revealed there was a synergy between them and that, over time, they developed a creative chemistry that could have led to great things.

Elaborating on their musical endeavours and their rendezvous the day before McCormick’s death, Young Thug explained, “I was with Mac the day before he died! He was at my studio. We did the song on my album! This sh*t is so crazy but coincidental.” He continued, “He came to the studio and did a song with me. The next day, he died! The song we did at the studio, the name of the song is ‘Day Before.’ Sh*t crazy!”

However, Williams proceeded to detail how the song was not about drugs or even related to death, stating, “The song is just about women, like ‘back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot’, and it was flamboyant. This n*gga died the next day!” When asked, “Do you think about those last conversations? Those last moments?” by host Charlemagne Tha God, Williams responded, “Yeah, I think deep on that ’cause it’s like…is that a sign?! At some point, you wanna know! Have you ever wished that god could just really talk to you?!”

The Atlanta act’s words were extremely heartfelt, yet he felt as if the song title was perhaps a signal that he ignored. He expressed how to this day, he still carries a slight guilt but is grateful he even got to work with Miller. You can watch the full interview in the video below.