Young Thug trial hit by security issues
(Credit: Wikimedia)


Young Thug trial hit by security issues

Atlanta rapper Young Thug has been in an ongoing RICO case for over a year. However, the latest phase of his trial was immediately halted when news broke that several members of the jury had been identified online.

The trial, which was live-streamed on YouTube, led to a screenshot circulating on social media. However, some members of the public recognised individuals on the jury, which could legally affect the verdict. As such, on November 29th, Fulton County Judge Ural Glanville confirmed that the proceedings would have to end.

The screenshot captured by hip-hop media outlet No Jumper saw one user comment, “I know that n*gga with the glasses on!!! That’s [redacted name] he is on the jury.” Following this realisation, Judge Glanville requested the livestream discontinue a visual and only provide audio.  

The most recent individual to testify in the case is an 18-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department, detective Mark Belknap. During his time on the stand, he confirmed that local law enforcement had identified YSL as a hybrid street gang.

The YSL RICO trial officially began on November 27th after months of delays. However, it has been a precarious case since Thug was put behind bars last year for racketeering and involvement in a criminal organisation.

Recently, Young Thug’s lawyer has already filed a motion for a mistrial on day one. Throughout Williams’ time behind bars, different charges have been added to his case, and new evidence has been obtained.

Judge Glanville rejected the motion, and court proceedings will continue soon. Earlier this month, Fulton County Chief Deputy District Attorney Adriane Love made the case that, based on evidence, including Young Thug’s lyrics, his crew Young Stoner Life is a front for the notorious street gang Young Slime Life.