Young Dolph gets street named after him in Memphis
(Credit: Slyguy1255)


Young Dolph gets street named after him in Memphis

A street in Memphis, nearby where rapper Young Dolph, was raised has been re-named in his honour.

Last month, the rapper was gunned down outside Makeda’s Butter Cookies in the city. He was just 37. It later emerged that Dolph was in Memphis to hand out turkeys for Thanksgiving and visit a cancer centre.

His street, Adolph ‘Young Dolph’ Thornton, Jr. Avenue, sits in the Castalia Heights district. Furthermore, the city of Memphis has also made his death date of November 17th an official day of service.

“It’s about celebrating our own,” said Councilman JB Smiley, Jr. “Young Dolph was truly one of us.” He then added, “We shouldn’t be here celebrating Young Dolph in his passing. We should be here celebrating as he lived today.”

Additionally, DJ Rock Steddy, who was Young Dolph’s DJ, said, “Having this street named after him will leave something visible, will leave something tangible. When you see that sign, that’s not just a sign for Young Dolph, that’s a sign for the future of this community and this city. You all can see that anything is possible.”

Dolph’s aunt, Rita Myers, has confirmed that plans to open up a music academy in the city are ongoing. “He mingled with the kids in the community and other people in the community because he liked sharing, communicating with folks,” she said.