YFN Lucci Agrees to Plea Deal in Atlanta RICO Case
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YFN Lucci Agrees to Plea Deal in Atlanta RICO Case

Atlanta emcee YFN Lucci has agreed to a plea deal in a bid to reduce his sentence as he faces an ongoing RICO case. The rapper (real name Rayshawn Bennett) has pleaded guilty to one count of violating Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.

In 2021, Bennett was charged with the murder of 28-year-old James Adams. However, after mere months, the case became an all-encompassing trial involving several Blood gang members.

Bennett’s lawyers have released a statement claiming that the murder charge was one of 12 counts in the indictment that were dismissed as part of the new guilty plea agreement.

The statement released by Bennett’s attorneys, Drew Findling, Gabe Banks, and Marissa H. Goldberg, obtained by The Associated Press reads, “After three years of pretrial litigation, more than two weeks of jury selection and three years of incarceration waiting for his jury trial, today, the prosecution finally relented and dismissed the murder and RICO charges against Rayshawn Bennett.”

It continues, “After the dismissal of 12 of the 13 counts against him, Mr. Bennett entered a plea to one gang-related count. As he has maintained for three years now, Mr. Bennett will NOT cooperate in any other case. By entering into this resolution, he will be eligible for parole as early as four months from now. The prosecution has also agreed that he should be released early on parole, and this will allow him to get back to his children, family and career.”

Lucci has been behind bars since 2021, when he was first charged. According to Atlanta’s WSB-TV, prior to the plea deal, the rhymer faced a 20-year sentence, with 10 of the years being served in prison and the other ten served as probation.

YFN Lucci will be eligible for parole in the Spring of this year and will serve the rest of his three-year incarceration on probation. You can hear more about Bennett’s plea deal below.