Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA duets with Russell Crowe at Australian pub gig
(Credit: David Shankbone)


Wu-Tang Clan's RZA duets with Russell Crowe at Australian pub gig

On May 19th, RZA from Wu-Tang Clan joined his longtime friend Russell Crowe for a performance with the actor’s band, The Gentlemen Barbers.

The rapper attended the Sydney show, which took place at The Bridge Hotel. RZA joined The Gentlemen Barbers for a rendition of the song ‘Let Your Light Shine’. 

Crowe has been touring with a series of special guests as part of his Indoor Garden Party tour, such as Irish musicians Janet Devlin and Lorraine O’Reilly. According to the Indoor Garden Party website, the tour is “an event, a band, a happening. It’s fluid. The personnel changes, but it’s always big. It’s like a festival where I gather people I admire, musicians and storytellers, and we put on a show.”

However, fans were surprised when RZA joined in, although the pair have a long friendship which includes several creative partnerships. They’ve appeared in several films together, beginning with 2007’s American Gangster. Crowe appeared in RZA’s directorial debut, The Man With the Iron Fists. In turn, RZA starred in Crowe’s project, Poker Face. 

Moreover, in 2016, RZA invited Azealia Banks to a party Crowe hosted, which resulted in the controversial ‘212’ rapper getting into an altercation with the actor due to her offensive behaviour. RZA defended Crowe. 

Check out clips of RZA and Crowe performing together below.