Fan of Wu-Tang Clan fined for rapping n-word on TikTok
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Fan of Wu-Tang Clan fined for rapping n-word on TikTok

A UK-based fan of Wu-Tang Clan has been fined £500 for using the n-word while rapping along to ‘Protect Ya Neck’. It has been reported that Kyle Siegel, a 25-year-old white man from Lerwick in Shetland, Scotland, had been recording himself rapping the tune whilst standing in a women’s toilet cubicle.

However, Siegel did not realise that in the cubicle next to him, a mixed-race lady was using the toilet and overheard him using the word, leaving her “severely shocked” by the incident. The incident occurred at the Scalloway Boating Club in Shetland at 1am on February 20th earlier this year.

At a hearing at Lerwick Sheriff Court, Siegel admitted to using the word whilst rapping Wu-Tang’s tune but said that he had no idea that the lady was in the cubicle next to him. He confessed to acting inappropriately and entering the ladies’ bathroom, where a number of people were present.

Procurator Fiscal Duncan Mackenzie had informed the court that Siegel’s rapping had been loud enough for the woman to hear, which led to an argument between her and Siegel before he was reported to the police. Tommy Allan, Siegel’s lawyer, claimed that Siegel had been singing along to TikTok to his friend on a mobile phone.

Allan also explained who Wu-Tang Clan are by explaining they are pioneers of hip-hop from Staten Island, New York City and that they are comprised of people from ethnic backgrounds. He said that Siegel is not a “person of colour”, that he crossed the line, but that he ultimately did not intend to offend anyone with his actions and words.

Siegel was given a £500 fine and was also told to pay £20 to the victim as a surcharge.