Understanding why Snoop Dogg got banned from entering the UK
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Understanding why Snoop Dogg got banned from entering the UK

Since his rise to fame in the 1990s, the iconic Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg has acquired a truly global fanbase. Whether it’s Europe, North America, Asia or Africa, the California artist is a worldwide name brand. With that being said, in the mid-2000s, Snoop once found himself banned from the UK, and the story behind his exile is compelling, to say the least.

The rapper, who broke out in 1992 alongside Dr Dre, was banned from entering the UK in 2006 after the rapper and his entourage were involved in a highly physical altercation at London’s Heathrow Airport. The violent fight that broke out in the airport prompted staff to call the police. The debacle culminated in the artist’s arrest, but the ‘Gin And Juice’ hitmaker would face further consequences.

According to the UK newspaper The Guardian, members of Snoop’s crew were denied entry into British Airways’ first-class lounge. This caused some agitation, but according to witnesses, they chose to enter the club room irrespective of what they had been told and did so arrogantly. The British Airways staff did not receive the defiance well, and the men were told they wouldn’t be making their scheduled flight to Johannesburg.

The BA lounge had been serving alcohol, and before the police arrived, it was reported that outside of the club room, Snoop’s crew were smashing in shops on the premises as well. As a result of his association, Snoop was arrested, along with five others, for violent disorder. Seven police and security personnel were hurt in the scuffle.

As a result of his violent disorder charge, Snoop and his entourage received an indefinite ban from the UK. A year later, hoping the dust would have settled, Snoop applied for a travel visa to the United Kingdom to accompany Diddy on his Press Play world tour. Strangely the rapper’s visa was approved, but when he landed on UK soil, he was denied entry at immigration and had to take the next flight back to the US.

Snoop’s ban from entering the UK was lifted in 2008 after an immigration judge ruled in his favour. However, there was an appeal made regarding this decision. Snoop’s case then came before an asylum and immigration tribunal, which (in 2010) ruled that the original ruling based on association was unfair. Snoop can now come and go as he pleases in the United Kingdom.

However, the UK isn’t the only country Snoop Dogg has had issues with immigration in Australia and Norway before, too, but all the cases are unrelated. You can hear the rapper speak on the exasperating situation in the video below.