Why Snoop Dogg once compared Jeezy to 2Pac
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Why Snoop Dogg once compared Jeezy to 2Pac

Atlanta rapper Jeezy, also known as Young Jeezy, was a big name in Southern hip-hop during the 2000s and came to prominence as the frontman of the Bad Boy Entertainment rap group Boyz N Da Hood. The emcee is a well-known name in the culture. However, on one occasion, the lyricist (real name Jay Jenkins) was compared to the late icon 2Pac.

Despite his talent and fame as a musician, Jenkins was still heavily involved in criminal activity and beef, even during the height of his career. As such, he became a figure of infamy and hostility that wore people down and was warned by two West Coast legends about his behaviour.

In a recent episode of Jeezy’s Best Advice podcast, Jenkins delved into the details of an altercation that led to him getting “locked up in LA for some things that happened in the Bay” Area in 2014. The Atlanta native had been in California for a video shoot, and during his trip, he was approached by Snoop Dogg and E-40.

Snoop Dogg and E-40 were friends of 2Pac. Vallejo lyricist E-40 knew Shakur before he joined Death Row when he was an emcee in Oakland. Snoop was his iconic partner-in-crime while 2Pac was in LA. However, they both saw his self-destruction and ultimate demise.

While shooting his video in 2014, Jenkins was approached by the previously mentioned legends who provided him with words of wisdom encouraging him to chase a positive lifestyle. The overarching message was that Jeezy would be another street casualty like Shakur if he didn’t focus on his music career.

Opening up about it on his podcast, Jenkins explained, “My mind was gone. I was upset, I wanted revenge, and I wasn’t focused. My whole equilibrium was thrown off. I was really on some — it was crazy. I remember sitting down, and they both sat down and looked at me, and they just kinda, like, side-eyed me.”

He continued, “They just went on to say, ‘Yo, listen. Tupac never stopped what he was about. He never let up on his people. He never…’ And it was like, ‘You better get out here and do what you’re supposed to be doing because these people believe you, and they riding with you, and you ain’t moving right. And we telling you that.'”

During that period of Jeezy’s career, he had been arrested on $1 million bail. Then, he was charged with illegal possession of weapons. He was later apprehended on suspicion after the shooting of a 38-year-old man named Eric Johnson. You can watch the music video where the sit-down happened below.