Why record executive Damon Dash is hated by his brothers
(Credit: Timothy M. Moore)

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Why record executive Damon Dash is hated by his brothers

Dame Dash is a known name in hip-hop. However, he has never been known as a rapper or a producer. He has always been lauded and respected as a businessman. As a co-founder of Roc-A-Fella alongside Jay-Z, Dame Dash (real name Damon Dash) is known as a money man who cuts the cheques behind the scenes.

However, that’s not to say that Dash is a perfect and always respectable figure. If there is one thing that Dame Dash is known for beyond business, it’s his ongoing feud with his brothers. Appearing on the TV show Family Therapy With Dr Jenn in 2016, Dash and his brothers were feuding due to what they described as the “superiority complex” possessed by Dame. The program showed the Roc-A-Fella co-founder in a bad light, and hip-hop saw another side to the man.

Damon Dash is the middle child of three and has an extremely strenuous relationship with his two step-brothers, Bobby and Jeremy. The three had a very turbulent upbringing, all sharing the same father who was not very present. In an interview with VH1, Bobby Dash, who was 12 when Damon Dash was born, claimed, in reference to Damon, “I used to change his diapers.”. However, Damon rudely intervened and condescendingly proclaimed, “That’s his claim to fame!”

Damon claimed that things went wrong with him and Jeremy because he overreacted to little things and bluntly stated, “he’s not a real man!” Damon told the interviewer that his brothers are mad at him because he hasn’t involved them in any of his ventures and given them handouts. The Roc-A-Fella co-founder has a hefty filmography and alleged that his brothers were begging him to put them in a movie. During the interview, Jeremy passionately stated, “I’m an actor for a living, that’s what I do, that’s my passion. How many movies have you made in your life,” Jeremy asked Dash. Out of the 20 or so films released by Dash, none of them starred Jeremy but Dash says there’s a reason for that and proceeded to call him a “boy”. The music mogul revealed he doesn’t talk his brothers revealing to VH1, “I can’t talk to [them]. You don’t talk like men.”

However, Damon Dash hasn’t only disrespected his brothers with regard to masculinity in the past and, on one occasion, during a two-hour radio interview on The Breakfast Club, the record producer and entrepreneur went on a rant about how men are supposed to act, what men should say and not say, and abused the show’s host, DJ Envy, by telling him “you sound smart to somebody dumb!” Unsurprisingly, this behaviour is why Damon’s brothers hate him. According to Bobby, the brothers hate Damon because “He thinks he can disrespect everyone because he has platinum plaques to his name.”

Below you can watch a snippet of the ferocious argument Damon had with his brothers on TV.