Why N.W.A. ditched their first industry party for IHOP
(Credit: N.W.A.)

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Why N.W.A. ditched their first industry party for IHOP

We’ve all got a story like this, don’t we? Some of us skipped the prom to go skateboarding with our friends. Some of us went to the beach to have a chill day instead of a party on our birthday, and some of us, apparently, would skip an industry party to hang out at IHOP instead.

In an interview, Ice Cube told the story of why N.W.A. decided to ditch their first industry party to go to the International House Of Pancakes. He starts off by saying, “It’s true. We couldn’t get into our own listening party. They had it at this boujee club. We couldn’t get in.” Which is absolutely wild! Could you imagine not being able to get into your own party?

He continues by saying, “We were late because of Eazy. He always made us late. We show up — it’s a pretty swanky, gotta have your Easter shoes on and stuff like that — we come in khakis and Chucks and they like, ‘What the hell?’ We ain’t famous then, so nobody really know who we are. Security was like, ‘You gangbangers ain’t coming in.’ Like, ‘This is our album.’ So, we fought with this dude. The owner of the label came out, trying to convince security to let us in. They like, ‘Nope, we’ve seen this before.'”

He ends off the story with a sentiment that we can basically all agree with, “So we ended up going to IHOP and fussing about it, complaining. Yeah, it was terrible.” One might not think that theatre kids and N.W.A. have all that much in common, but going to IHOP to chill out and eat somewhat bad food after a relatively disappointing performance (or in their case, lack thereof) is something a lot of performers and artists can relate to, as it seems.

This just goes to show how silly the industry can be sometimes. Not letting N.W.A. into their own party? It’s honestly laughable when you think about it. Either way, it’s a funny story to tell in an interview and an even funnier memory to have.

If you want to see the full interview where Ice Cube talks about the experience, you can find it down below.