Why Ice Cube thinks “No Vaseline’ is better than ‘Hit Em Up'”
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Why Ice Cube thinks "No Vaseline' is better than 'Hit Em Up'"

Ice Cube is a pioneer when it comes to the West Coast, and as part of the legendary group, N.W.A. made some groundbreaking music. As such, it is only natural that in his recent appearance on DJ Whoo Kid’s podcast Whoo’s House, the two reflected on the ups and downs of his 35-year career.

However, during their conversation, the Crenshaw native explained why his 1991 diss track ‘No Vaseline’ is better than 2Pac’s 1996 Biggie Smalls diss ‘Hit Em Up’ and Nas’ ‘Ether.’

As one of the key members of N.W.A., when Ice Cube (real name O’Shea Jackson) saw the group being taken advantage of by their manager, Jerry Heller, he grew irritated. However, as his frustration turned into anger, in 1991, Jackson turned to his long-time friend, producer Sir Jinx to get a beat on which he could vent and get some pressing things off his chest. This would result in ‘No Vaseline’. The aforementioned is one of rap music’s most savage diss tracks and is so for many reasons.

From Nas’ ‘Ether’ to 50 Cent’s ‘Back Down,’ hip-hop has seen many exceptional diss tracks, but most consider 2Pac’s ‘Hit Em Up’ the best of all time. But vast swathes of rap fans don’t believe this is right, and Ice Cube doesn’t either. Jackson, instead, asserts his 1991 NWA diss ‘No Vaseline’ is superior in every way possible.

While in conversation with Ice Cube, Whoo Kid asked the ‘You Can Do It’ musician about 2Pac and the legacy he left behind with ‘Hit Em Up’. But Ice Cube dismantled the track and explained why it will never be able to trump ‘No Vaseline’.

The conversation began after Whoo Kid told Cube, “I read a line-up the other day with the best diss records. You were number three. 2Pac ‘Hit Em Up’ was number one.” However, unimpressed, Jackson exclaimed, “How is 2Pac number-one?! When he needed help on that record!” Highlighting the inclusion of The Outlawz on ‘Hit Em Up.’

He continued, “Me, ‘No Vaseline,’ one emcee took out four n*ggas and the manager. I mean, damn! You gotta give me credit for that! The group was over. I don’t know if they made another record after that. So nah, man, sorry.”

You can listen to Ice Cube explain why his diss record is better than 2Pac’s in the video below.