Why Eminem was afraid of his ex-wife
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Why Eminem was afraid of his ex-wife

Eminem and his problematic relationship with his family was somewhat of a spectacle in the early 2000s, and the Detroit native did not hold back when it came to criticising his mother and ex-wife. However, in a recent interview with Eminem’s former bodyguard, the lyricist was “terrified” of his former wife, Kim Scott.

Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) created a lot of controversy, with many of his lyrics receiving backlash from critics. He was labelled as homophobic and misogynistic and even got accused of glorifying domestic abuse. 

Unfortunately, one topic the 8 Mile artist consistently touched on was his relationship with Kim Scott. Eminem married Scott at an extremely young age, and the two had their daughter, Hailie, in 1995 before Mathers had even released his debut album, Infinite.  

The relationship between Eminem and Kim Scott goes back years, to when the aspiring rapper was only 15 years old and Scott 13. The two married in 1999, but the toxic relationship quickly fell apart, and they divorced in 2001.

Mathers 2000 track ‘Kim’ detailed his thoughts on his wife, who later claimed the song made her suicidal. However, in the promotion of his book, Eminem’s former security guard Byron Williams revealed that Mathers was terrified by Scott mainly because he was afraid she would take their daughter away from him.

Speaking about the violent nature of Scott, Williams detailed, “I saw her throw a lamp at Eminem on a tour bus, knocking him down. Man, he is terrified of her. She is one tough lady and bigger than him!” This abuse has been corroborated by one of Mathers’s teenage friends who, in 2007 disclosed, “One time we came home and Kim had thrown all his clothes on the lawn—which was, like, two pairs of pants and some gym shoes.”

Eminem’s 1998 track, ’97 Bonnie & Clyde’ graphically detailed a scenario the Detroit emcee had conjured in his head, where he and his daughter drove to dispose of Scott’s dead body in a lake. However, in a 1999 interview with Rolling Stone, Mathers admitted that he doesn’t listen to that song, expressing, “The pain that I felt at that time was so real that I really actually wanted to do that. That’s why I just don’t listen to the song anymore.”

You can watch an exclusive interview with Kim Scott below.