Why Drake makes Lupe Fiasco question his life choices
(Credit: Eva Rinaldi)


Why Drake makes Lupe Fiasco question his life choices

In a recent series of tweets, ‘Superstar’ rapper and producer Lupe Fiasco admitted that he is usually sure of himself. Still, Drake sometimes makes him question his choices. The Chicago lyricist (real name Wasalu Jaco) made these comments following a viral video about Drake’s lyrics posted on June 25th.

In a long-winded vent to his fans, Fiasco wrote, “He makes me feel guilty for shit I didn’t even do and question the legitimacy of my ACTUAL responsibilities,” he joked. The video Jaco responded to hears a series of Drake lyrics in which he looks down on the less wealthy. The Toronto musician highlights how real men “Don’t fly Spirit,” “Don’t wear New Balance”, and continues in this vein.

Apart from tweeting about Drake, Fiasco has also been teasing fans with new music. He posted a snippet of a new song in a back-and-forth exchange with an individual on the social media platform and has been promising followers a project is on the horizon.

Although the video was only 30 seconds, followers were privy to some heavy-hitting songs, including one with a highly catchy violin melody. Fiasco’s last release was in April when he released a single with artwork designed by his Chicago counterpart SentRock.

With lyrics such as, “SentRock make a hella-cop drop, off top / Pass the akhs to the lost flock fops, air fools / On the opps, and flew, also look around / Because down ain’t the only bird’s eye view / Westside too, sky blue, Chi you Bible / Put bands in our hands like a ‘I do’ bridal,” the rapper exhibited a great amount of lyrical ability.

Even outside of the hip-hop sphere, Fiasco is still getting recognised for his brilliance. In March, the Chicago rhymer was named a Saybrook Fellow at Yale University, which marks another honourary recognition from an institute of higher education.

Taking to Twitter, Jaco wrote, “Proud to announce I’ve been chosen to be a Saybrook Fellow at my OTHER favourite school in the whole wide world outside of MIT…@Yale.” He continued, “Shout to Tom Near for nominating me to a place where against all odds, two Chicagoans found a home in the Ivy League.”