Why Boosie Badazz hates the balaclava trend
(Credit: Boosie Badazz)

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Why Boosie Badazz hates the balaclava trend

Boosie Badazz is always sharing his opinions. From new music to celebrities and trends, the Baton Rouge native is more than happy to tell his fans what he thinks. The emcee is often in the news, and it usually pertains to something he has said. Recently, he commented on a new fashion item in hip-hop.

Taking to Instagram, Boosie (real name Torrence Hatch) uploaded a video speaking about the influence of Memphis rappers such as Pooh Shiesty and Jay Fizzle on the youth and has unveiled that he isn’t pleased with the uptick in popularity of ski masks and balaclavas.

In the video, Hatch explained to his son that wearing a balaclava or a ski mask is something only done by people actively involved in crime and, usually, murder. As such, it shouldn’t be a fashion item worn by regular kids across America.

“Why don’t you take that Pooh Shiesty mask off?! You done had it on about two days. You out here in the mountains, a bear going to think you something else, bear going to bite your fucking finger off.”

Even after his son attempted to clarify why he was wearing it, explaining it was a Nike ski mask, Hatch continued, “Man, I don’t give a f*ck, it’s called a Pooh Shiesty man, it ain’t no Nike man. I don’t be on your trail. I’m trying to better you, bro. What if you jump out the car with somebody with that on? ‘Cause every time somebody walk by me with that on, I be watching them, bro.”

Boosie told fans that he doesn’t consider ski masks a fashion item as he has only ever seen them worn by people who use them to conceal their identity while committing crimes all his life. He then proceeded to insist that his son won’t be wearing one, stating, “That’s never going to be a fashion [trend] to me, bro. It’s dangerous. I don’t want my son wearing Pooh Shiestys. Real shit bro, I don’t want nothing to happen to you.”

Philadelphia passed local legislation banning individuals from wearing balaclavas in public parks, schools, and on public transit. Since the rise of UK drill, ski masks have been a must-have fashion item in the UK and are now becoming popular in the US.