When The Game claimed he was better than Eminem
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When The Game claimed he was better than Eminem

LA rapper The Game has always been determined to achieve ultimate rap supremacy, and it seems as if he is willing to do it at any cost. The Compton artist has always been sure of his superiority in comparison to his former label mate, Eminem, and during an appearance on the All The Smoke podcast alongside Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, the California musician (real name) again sought to clarify that, without a doubt in his mind, he is of a higher-calibre than the ‘Stan’ hitmaker.

Speaking with regard to previous comments he had made about Eminem on social media, Taylor explained “When I say that I want to rap battle with Eminem, or Eminem is not the greatest rapper, or I’m better than him. I’m supposed to think that I’m better than every single rapper.”

Although in hip-hop, it is necessary to have a certain level of confidence in your rapping ability, The Game has always had a strange fixation on his former Aftermath label mates Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) and 50 Cent. To many, it appears to be rooted in unhealthy jealousy. Addressing the hosts, Barnes and Jackson, the LA rapper explained how Dre made him second to Eminem on the label.

Elaborating on the predicament he was in at Aftermath concerning Mathers, the rapper explained, “[I’m] not saying that [Eminem] can’t rap. The skillset is there. I’m just a better rapper” he stated. “I just wasn’t given the light that he was given. They didn’t put the money behind me.”

The Game, akin to Eminem, was signed to Aftermath in the early 2000s, with Dre serving as executive producer on his first two albums. However, Taylor ensured the hosts that Eminem unfairly received more promotion than he did. Many would argue that, as a white emcee, Eminem has mass appeal and, therefore (logically) received more promotion. However, The Game was insistent that there was something more sinister happening with the decisions being made.

The rapper continued to assert his superiority, exclaiming, “[Eminem is] a great lyricist; he’s just not better than me, and if he is better than me, I need to see it!” Taylor had previously attempted to bait Mathers during his appearance on The Drink Champs podcast with N.O.R.E. where he expressed, “I want smoke with Eminem, him and him and whoever. I used to think that he was better than me, but he’s not!” You can watch a clip of The Game saying he’s better than Eminem in the video below.