When Snoop Dogg cooked with Martha Stewart and Green Day
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When Snoop Dogg cooked with Martha Stewart and Green Day

Given that Green Day are such a huge band in rock and roll, there’s no surprise that the promotion of their albums has taken them to every corner of the world, and seen them promote in the weirdest and most wonderful of ways.

In 2020, after releasing their critically acclaimed album, Father of All Motherfuckers, the band showed just how large their crossover appeal is by appearing on Ellen. This wasn’t just any regular Ellen appearance, though. Shortly after being introduced as “one of the greatest rock bands of all time”, the trio appeared on set. 

However, this introduction was not from Ellen, but by legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg and they were there to cook up a storm with him and the iconic Martha Stewart. They learnt how to make a quick and easy pizza, alongside hot dog sausage rolls, blood orange cocktails and other things. They were preparing the snacks for an Oscars viewing party, and boy, did it look like a treat. 

A stellar five minutes filled with many one-liners, with the partnership of Stewart and Dogg stealing the show, at one point, the rapper quips: “Have you ever heard about too many chefs in the kitchen?”

Green Day frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, then revealed a golden nugget of information: pizza-making wasn’t a new thing for him. He dropped out of high school and took up work in a pizza restaurant, so following Stewart’s instructions was second nature to the rocker. 

Armstrong said: “I got this job at the pizza place so all the kids used to come over, all my friends used to come over and I used to give them pizza during lunchtime at school.”

After the food and drink, Martha and Billie Joe discussed the band’s new record before the legendary punks set the place ablaze with their performance of the single ‘Oh Yeah!’. One of the most eye-opening moments in Green Day’s recent history, it’s this fun, willing-to-try-anything character that has endeared them to fans for so long.

Watch the brilliant clip below.