When Nicki Minaj was proposed to by Skepta
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When Nicki Minaj was proposed to by Skepta

Nicki Minaj has been caught up in a lot of controversies as of recent. Not only has she been the centre of a feud with Cardi B, but now she is beefing with female rapper Latto as a result of Minaj’s removal from the rap Grammy category. However, before Cardi B and before Queen Radio Nicki wasn’t always this controversial.

Nicki Minaj has been around for a long time now, but Skepta has been around even longer. Skepta started off as a DJ. Part of Tottenham’s Meridian Crew, it wasn’t until he and his brother (JME) formed Boy Better Know in 2005 that Skepta became an artist. He has been a household name ever since.

However, Skepta has always been a UK-based artist, and it wasn’t until a decade later, in 2015, that Skepta crossed over into the American market. Forming connections with artists such as Kanye West, Drake and A$AP Rocky, Skepta began doing shows in New York, LA and more.

However, in 2011 before all of the success he now has, Skepta was still an artist putting in work, and on one occasion, he even told Nikci that together they could be the New David and Victoria Beckham live on the radio. In 2011, while Nicki was doing a UK press run for her debut album Pink Friday, Minaj stopped by BBC 1xtra to do an interview with Tim Westwood.

During the interview, Westwood told Nicki about Skepta, who was live on the phone, the DJ then proceeded to show Minaj a picture of Skepta and asked her what she thought to which she replied, “It looks like he has a nice body looks like he’s been working out!” After this, she was asked to give him a rating out of ten, to which Minaj responded, “I would give him a ten for confidence,” but didn’t think that they would work as a power couple as Skepta did.

You can watch the funny interview in the video below.