When Jay-Z was “shook down” for a fight in Miami
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When Jay-Z was "shook down" for a fight in Miami

Jay-Z was the king of the Roc-a-Fella empire in the 2000s and, alongside Damon Dash, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel and Kanye West, was hitting the charts regularly. However, during its heyday, the label’s members faced some problems.

That said, during a recent appearance on SuperstarTVonline, former Roc-a-Fella member and Marcy native Memphis Bleek spoke about an incident that occurred while he and Jay-Z were in a Miami nightclub. 

Speaking with the podcast’s host, DJ Superstar Bleek (real name Malik Cox) recalled what he labelled a “crazy” fight story involving himself and Jay. According to Cox, Jay-Z was extorted in Miami.

Recalling the occasion, Bleek detailed, “We turned this club in Miami upside down, my n*gga. They made us pay 50 grand to leave. Hov, he had to pay 50 racks. They extorted the fuck out of us.” However, this extortion led to a huge brawl. Proceeding to detail what happened next, Cox unveiled, “But we cracked heads, foreheads, faces — we were going crazy.”

He continued, “They locked the doors. We had to pay to get out! They shook us up. This was Streets Is Watching Hov.” Although the ‘Big Pimpin’ emcee (real name Shawn Carter) has a cool and laidback demeanour, Cox asserted that he still has the ability to hold his own.

Warning people not to let Jay-Z fool them, Bleek explained, “See, they see billionaire dread Hov, they think my man ain’t got them hands. Hov will put knuckles on you! He’ll put them hard bottoms on your ass too.”

He continued, “He used to start trouble too! All that Cristal, n*gga, he was on some shit. Just know that. Hov was on some shit. All this laidback, cool Beyoncé Hov? I love it, but back then, he was on some shit.”

You can listen to Memphis Bleek’s interview with DJ Superstar in the video below.