When 50 Cent lost his cool with an interviewer
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When 50 Cent lost his cool with an interviewer

Once in a while, emotions take over celebrities and cause them to say and do things the public finds shocking. Whether it’s A$AP Rocky fighting with strangers in the streets of Sweden or footage of Solange kicking Jay-Z, every now and then, the façade celebrities are forced to have disappears, and a reactive figure emerges. This is precisely what happened when ‘In Da Club’ rapper 50 Cent walked off set after Complex journalist Speedy Morman interrogated the musician about his feud with French Montana. 

While promoting the ABC drama series For Life, which he executively produced, 50 Cent spoke with the hip-hop media outlet Complex about his experiences filming and producing the crime series.

However, Speedy Montana decided to veer off course and question the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ emcee (real name Curtis Jackson) about his feud with Bronx rapper French Montana.

Jackson insisted that he didn’t want to talk about it as that was not the purpose of the interview. However, Morman was pushy and belligerent in his questioning of Fifty. Referencing the feud, Morman stated, “It seems as if it all started with playful banter. It seems that way to me, but what’s up with French? Are you guys cool? Are you not?” to which Jackson responded, “I don’t really have an interest in it.”

However, Morman didn’t get the cue and tried again, but this time asked about a rumour, stating, “There were rumours that you snuffed him in a club in Miami or something. Is there any truth to that?” Jackson assured the journalist that there was no truth to the story.

Unfortunately, Morman kept on persisting, after which Jackson got frustrated at the insinuation that he (aged 45) would be silly enough to punch someone at a club. Speedy swiftly said, “I wouldn’t put it past you!”

Jackson simply disclosed, “I can’t believe you would think these things about me”, and proceeded to take the microphone off the lapel of his blazer and then exit the interview. You can watch 50 Cent and Speedy Morman’s car crash interview in the video below.