What happened to the Jay Z and Jack White collaboration?
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What happened to the Jay Z and Jack White collaboration?

Maybe you didn’t even know that there was supposed to be one, but yes, the Jay Z and Jack While collaboration has yet to come to fruition as expected, and those who were clued in have begun to wonder why.

The pair have been public regarding their working on material together, and it’s led to fans of both—or even just curious parties—to question where it’s going. With Jack White teasing that the material might “see the light of day,” it’s drawing more attention than ever before.

When asked about working together and the state of the project, White replied, “Yeah. That’s true, but it’s not me who doesn’t finish stuff. So it’s, uh…I’m not that guy. No, I’m just teasing. But I’m more the personality, like, I’ll be there tomorrow, you know. So it’s different working styles. So some of that stuff I think will see the light of day when those guys aren’t busy with other projects and stuff.”

It sounds like even with a little bit of poking fun, the pair just have slightly different working styles—with White being more on top of things while Jay Z is a bit more laid back. You might even be able to assume as much by listening to their individual music.

When asked if working together was fun, White did, in fact, respond by saying, “Yeah, it was. It’s so different, you know, because when I went into the studio with him, there was just one microphone which is, I kind of was [like] ‘Whoa, what? Where are the other microphones?’ But I was like, ‘Oh, wow, OK. Yeah, I guess why would you need another microphone?’ So yeah, it’s different worlds. And so Jay was learning about the way I did it and I was learning about the way he did it. That’s like seeing anybody use a method. And if you see anyone using any method, it’s really, really interesting.”

Again, you can chalk it up to different working styles and different musical styles. Regardless of the differences between them, it’s clear that they share a love of production in their own ways, and that the combination of their styles will be a curiosity-sparking one to say the least.

There are no updates as to the exact state of the project as of yet, but stay tuned for updates as they come along.