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Watch this rare footage of Eminem and Proof freestyling

Discovering old footage from some of your favourite rappers and artists is always interesting, especially when it comes to the early days of their careers. Especially when it comes to artists who are no longer with us, the relics of their talents can feel like treasures.

That’s why this rare freestyle of Eminem and Proof is so special. If you’ve ever seen Carpool Karaoke, it can be easy to feel like that kind of thing is long played out. However, in a certain rare freestyle video between Eminem and Proof, it feels like a much more relaxed, natural version of that: just two friends hanging out.

With Eminem in the drivers’ seat and Proof hanging in the window, the two go back and forth trading rhymes and playing off one another, but still following their own individual flows. This video hasn’t seen the light of day all too much, especially in recent years, so a lot of it feels completely fresh from these young artists.

For those unaware, Eminem and Proof grew up together in Detroit, Michigan, and were close friends coming up in the rap scene. The two had been friends since childhood, hanging onto their connection well into their successes — Eminem as a solo artist and as a part of the collective D12, Proof is primarily known for his work in D12.

This freestyle wasn’t the only time they rapped together, especially when it came to the D12 collective. This video is from some of their earlier days, as the collective was formed in 1996, and the clip was recorded for MTV News in 1999. However, their time together would, unfortunately, be cut short, as Proof passed away in 2006.

At the age of 32, Proof was shot three times in Detroit, Michigan after an altercation over a pool game, and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. To this day, he remains yet another talent that the world lost too soon.

Eminem and Proof remain one of rap’s greatest friendships, and it’s easy to see in their interactions together. Even as they rap about tough topics and intense subject matters in their freestyle, they seem comfortable with one another in a way that denotes a serious familiarity. It’s honestly a shame that this freestyle video doesn’t get a little more recognition. 

If you want to check out the footage of a young Eminem with one of his best friends in the rap game, you can check out their MTV news freestyle and remember the special, inspiring connection that the pair had.