Watch the 30-second Kanye West Super Bowl commercial
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Watch the 30-second Kanye West Super Bowl commercial

February 11th saw one of America’s most viewed televised events, the Super Bowl, beamed nationwide to over 100million viewers. That said, the commercials that play during the event’s breaks are some of the most-seen advertisements, and Kanye West managed to grab a spot to promote his website.

In 2022, Adidas and GAP cut ties with West, both of which were stocking Ye’s Yeezy garments. However, during a Super Bowl LVIII commercial break, Kanye beamed himself across the airwaves onto people’s TVs to promote his fashion line.

The 30-second clip that went out to the nation was filmed on West’s phone, and it shows the Vultures 1 emcee riding in a car and talking directly into the camera. West admitted that they paid so much for the advertisement slot they didn’t pay any money to make the ad.

Speaking to fans, the Chicago native stated, “Hey y’all, this is Ye, and this is my commercial, and since we spent all the money on the commercial spot, we actually — we didn’t spend any money on the actual commercial. But the idea is I want you to go to”

Following this, the College Dropout lyricist then spelt it out for viewers and added, “I’m gonna write it at the bottom of the screen, and I got some shoes, and mmmm that’s it.” Although the Super Bowl is watched in all corners of the US, it has been reported that the commercial did not air in Los Angeles.

This suggests West purchased the ad time on a regional basis, meaning he didn’t spend the $7million a 30-second slot costs during the Super Bowl nationally. Other notable advertisements that aired during the commercial break include Drake’s Pepsi advert and Beyoncé’s Verizon advert.

During the advert, Beyoncé announced the release of her new country album Renaissance Act II. Immediately following the advert, Beyoncé released two new songs titled ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ and ’16 Carriages.’

You can watch Kanye’s 30-second advert below.