Watch Salt N Pepa perform ‘Push It’ live in 1988
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Watch Salt N Pepa perform 'Push It' live in 1988

Salt N Pepa is one of the defining groups to solidify hip hop in the mainstream in the late 1980s. The group consisted of Salt, Pepa, and DJ Spinderella, all of whom contributed to their status as icons in the music industry.

Specifically, their 1987 song ‘Push It’ was an iconic milestone both for the band and for the time period in general, hitting number one in three countries and garnering a Grammy nomination for the group. Not only did the song blow up in popularity at the time, but it also has remained cemented in the cultural consciousness since then.

To this day, it’s a song that seemingly everyone knows the words to, even after coming out all the way back in 1987. While the group themselves have tapered off in terms of popularity in the years since, their heyday saw plenty of high-energy performances, tours, and rapidly releasing new music.

Speaking of which, their 1988 performance of ‘Push It’ is definitely a sight to see. Of course, their music is high-energy and fun on its own, but their live performances match the energy of their songs perfectly, making it a worthwhile ticket for those lucky enough to catch them in 1988. However, for those of us who were unable (or not yet born), this video captures it as well as possible without being in the venue during the show in question.

The choreography in this video is absolutely out of this world, and there’s just nothing like a performance like that aside from the real thing. It might just make you fall in love with Salt N Pepa even more. It’s a great performance that goes alongside a brilliant, catchy, and timeless song.

If you want to take a look at Salt N Pepa’s 1988 performance of their hit song ‘Push It’, you can find it linked down below.