Watch rare footage of DMX performing in Jamaica
(Credit: Mika-photography)

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Watch rare footage of DMX performing in Jamaica

DMX was a 1990s legend, and the late rapper (real name Earl Simmons) was an unstoppable force in his prime who seemed able to make anthems with ease. From ‘What’s My Name?’ to ‘Where the Hood At?’, the New York rapper was an unparalleled hit-maker and was even one of Boosie Badazz’s favourite rappers.

The rapper, who was known for his aggressive style and provocative lyrics, did not just make good tracks. He also put on amazing shows. In fact, during an interview with VladTV, Boosie Badazz let it be known that the first ever concert he went to was a DMX concert. 

Speaking on the late rapper, Boosie revealed: “He was the first n*gga from New York that I really felt his music…that n*gga made me feel…bruh, seriously!” The rapper continued singing the late rapper’s praises and suddenly revealed, “That was the first concert that I went to was a DMX concert in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ll never forget it” the rapper continued to say, “The first concert I ever went to man this dude made me damn near cry! He said his prayer at the end of the [show]….this shit was real bruh.”

However, Boosie Badazz is not the only artist to have spoken about the New York rapper’s ability to put on a show. Former Dipset rapper Jim Jones went on tour with Simmons and saw him put on a show for the crowd every night as they travelled across America. 

Speaking to the online magazine HiphopDX, Jones recalled the period as he divulged, “I remember being on tour with DMX when we first went out on tour with Cam’Ron, and watching DMX perform was so crazy because he would come out and do 60, 90 minutes set.”

The rapper continued to disclose how, after shows, Simmons would “collapse about to have an asthma attack. Every night it would happen. And he had crazy asthma.” From a young age, growing up in Yonkers, New York, Simmons was exposed to drugs and, from a young age, was a user of crack cocaine. A known and self-proclaimed addict, the ‘Ruff Ryders’ rapper, went in and out of rehabilitation facilities for years.

However, in 2021 after a drug-induced cardiac arrest, combined with an asthma attack which caused a lack of oxygen to enter the brain, the rapper entered a vegetative state, eventually dying. The late rapper has not been forgotten, and his live performances will go down in hip hop history. Below you can see some rare footage of the rapper performing on the Caribbean island of Jamaica at a packed-out concert.