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Watch Lil Nas X tie the knot in the video for ‘That’s What I Want’

To coincide with the release of his debut album, Montero, Lil Nas X has decided to share the visuals for his new single ‘That’s What I Want’.

It arrived after Nas X shared The Montero Show on YouTube, which featured all of his old videos and a sketch imitating a talk show. In the clip, Nas played both the host and the audience member while also comically avoided a ton of questioning around ‘Old Town Road’.

Furthermore, Nas X also ranked his music videos in order of preference and revealed that ‘That’s What I Want’ is his favourite one he’s created so far.

He’s grown a reputation for being a master of the visuals, and his new track is no different. In the video for ‘That’s What I Want’, he falls for another man before having sex during a football game in the dressing room and in a tent during a camping trip.

When Nas gets home, he discovers that he’s married to a woman and has a child, which sends him into a state of tears. He gets intoxicated, passes out, and walks down the aisle in a wedding dress as a priest hands him a guitar.

It’s the exact kind of undulating creative masterstroke we’d expect from Nas as he continues to demonstrate why he’s the hottest property in hip hop.

Check out the cinematic visuals below.