Watch Cypress Hill select some of their favourite records
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Watch Cypress Hill select some of their favourite records

In an interview with media outlet Amoeba, viewers found after a shop what was in Cypress Hill’s bag, and they had a little bit of everything. Comprised of Sen Dog, Eric Bobo and B-Real, Cypress Hill were one of the biggest rap crews on the West Coast during the 1990s and were arguably among the first stoner rap groups. Known for their song ‘Insane In The Brain’ the crew were the first hip hop group to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and are nothing short of iconic. In this interview, we found out some very interesting things not only about the group but about their personal taste.

The first thing that Eric Bobo had in his bag was a 12″ vinyl of the Pink Floyd album Dark Side Of The Moon. According to the rapper, he and the group used to listen to the album while touring. Bobo detailed, “on the road, we would listen to Pink Floyd and just be consuming hallucinogens tripping out on the sounds.” The rapper dubbed it as “definitely a classic.”

Turning the focus to Sen Dog, we saw Sen Dog reveal the first record in his bag, which was King Of Rock by Run-DMC. Explaining why he chose that record the California rapper revealed how Run-DMC, “was the band that me [him] want to rap.” Sen Dog went on to explain how Run-DMC were hip hop’s first mega-band and that Cypress Hill learned from them.

The next item in Eric Bobo’s bag was another vinyl. However, this time it was The Beastie Boys’ Root Down EP. He divulged how he was “the only person not in Beastie Boys to ever be the cover of one of their records.” Explaining how he also used to tour with the Beastie Boys as a percussionist for their live band, he detailed, “I would come up on stage all the time…I had a good time rocking with these guys.” Bobo has credits on Ill Communication and Hello Nasty.

Wrapping up Sen Dog unveiled Ride The Lightning by rock band Metallica. Speaking on his love for rock and metal, the rapper revealed, “Sometimes bands come along, and they do a song that just stays etched in your brain forever, ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ had that effect on me. Later on when we were actually able to open up for Metallica, I looked on their setlist to see where ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ was gonna be, and I would always go to hear it!”

See what else was in Cypress Hill’s bag in the full video below.