Watch a pre-fame A$AP Rocky deliver a perfect freestyle in this rare footage
(Credit: Chad Cooper)

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Watch a pre-fame A$AP Rocky deliver a perfect freestyle in this rare footage

One of the most influential people in hip hop, the world of A$AP Rocky is littered with countless influences and inspiration. The rapper, who made his name as part of the Odd Future project alongside Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, as well as his work with Yams, has become a pivotal creator in the game with not only his songs but his labels and his vision being widely adored by everyone, as well as the mother of his child, Rihanna.

One of the most celebrated voices in the game, Rocky has always had rap in his veins. The performer was named after Rakim — one of the greatest rappers of all time — and no matter what track A$AP appears on, he always delivers his verses with an unmatched freshness. Below, we look at some of the earliest moments of that rap career.

Watching pre-fame footage of incredibly potent performers is always intriguing. No matter the artist in question, if you look back to see them as young, hopeful entrepreneurs hoping to make their first footsteps in the game, it is a truly exhilarating prospect. Looking back at A$AP Rocky’s first foray is equally as entertaining.

Before Yams linked with Rocky for Houston and Memphis, Rocky was starting to make his name. No matter his musical leanings or stylistic drive, A$AP has always delivered effortlessly cool rhymes. His decision to step into the cypher you see in the rare footage below was a good one as he quickly blows all the other rappers away. While he may be more of a mogul than a musician these days, Pretty Flacko can rap.

It’s difficult being such a charismatic performer in an otherwise aggressive genre. However, such is A$AP’s powerful draw that he even manages to turn a bunch of mean mugs at the back towards his cultured flow. Of course, there’s little completion here for Rocky. However, he still steals the show.

Watch rare footage of one of A$AP Rocky’s earliest freestyles below.