Watch 2015 footage of Diddy and Pharrell in the studio
(Credit: Shamsuddin Muhammad)

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Watch 2015 footage of Diddy and Pharrell in the studio

P Diddy (real name Sean Combs) is known worldwide as the founder of Bad Boy Entertainment, the home of Notorious BIG and the Junior MAFIA. Coming to prominence during the 1990s on the New York hip hop scene, the rapper, record producer and label executive is known for his epic features, catchy vocals and entrepreneurial spirit. With business acumen and industry knowledge that would blow your mind, P Diddy is undoubtedly one of hip hop’s finest businessmen.

With his career beginnings in the late 1980s, Diddy’s commercial success came slightly later in the mid-’90s when he became synonymous with Notorious BIG. However, it also became synonymous with the East Coast vs West Coast feud that plagued hip hop during the 1990s.

Diddy’s label released Notorious BIG’s 1994 debut album, Ready to Die, and would grow to become a mega-label with an epic roster. Aside from Notorious BIG, the label was home to a vast array of artists, including Craig Mack, Faith Evans, 112, Total, The LOXMa$e, Shyne and even Carl Thomas.

Sadly the East Coast vs West Coast beef did not have happy endings. However, even with the death of his protégé in 1997, the rapper and entrepreneur continued to prosper, and now he is officially at mogul status. Akin to the likes of 50 Cent, Diddy even entered the world of media and now owns his own television station, Revolt TV and is most definitely a tycoon of epic proportions.

In 2015, having been in the record industry for over 20 years, Diddy decided he wanted to make one final album to go out with a bang. In preparation for the album, he met with several artists and producers in order to prepare singles.

Having released his MMM (Money Making Mitch) mixtape in 2014, which featured the likes of Rick Ross and French Montana. In late 2014 Combs decided it was time for a final album and recruited the best producers in hip hop, one of which was Pharrell. In 2015 the two hit the studio together to begin working on a song for the album.

Below you can watch some incredible 2015 footage of the two legends working together in the studio to create magic.