Warren G dismantles Suge Knight’s claims that Dr Dre beat him
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Warren G dismantles Suge Knight's claims that Dr Dre beat him

On the latest episode of his podcast Collect Call With Suge Knight, which he records from behind bars, the former Death Row music executive claimed that Dr Dre used to smack and beat up his brother Warren G regularly. However, the latter has recently refuted these claims.

On April 10th, Knight recalled an occasion where he claimed he saw Dr Dre beat up Warren G. Recounting the incident, Knight stated, “You know when you [Warren G] was trying to use the phone when you wasn’t supposed to in front of Andre [Dr. Dre] — your brother — slapped your ass around so much you start saying, ‘Okay blood. Okay blood. Please don’t do it no more, I’m sorry.’ You can say that that didn’t happen, but everybody knows it’s true.

Knight continued, “I’m not trying to promote negativity, but if you wanna lie while I’m there, you and I can sit down in the room, just me and you, and history will repeat itself.”

Warren G responded to the claims, insinuating that various witnesses who were present could quickly destroy his ludicrous accusation, stating, “Suge, you right. History would repeat itself because n*gga you wasn’t the only n*gga in the room, n*gga. You wasn’t by yourself. It was other people in the room, too!”

Warren G has never seemed to have issues with any of his West Coast counterparts, including his brother, Dr Dre. Earlier this month, Snoop Dogg revealed that he and Warren G (real name Warren Griffin) would be touring California and Canada.

Tha Doggfather took to Instagram to announce their plans and unveiled that the legendary DJ Quik would join the two MCs as they bring G-Funk to all the Canadian provinces and cities such as Ottawa, Quebec City and Winnipeg.

The Cali2Canada tour will kick off in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on June 3rd and will finish in Vancouver, British Columbia, on June 25th. Captioning the post, Snoop wrote, “I’m bringin’ Cali to Canada!!! With special guests Warren G n DJ Quik. Get tickets startin’ tomorrow @ 10am local time with the code CALI2CANADA.”