Wack 100 says Will Smith was a “hotter” rapper than 2Pac
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Wack 100 says Will Smith was a "hotter" rapper than 2Pac

Record label executive Wack 100 is a well-known name in hip-hop. As well as being a highly vocal individual known for making incendiary comments, he is also renowned for his work as a manager. However, the LA troublemaker has now spoken up about Will Smith and 2Pac.

According to Wack 100 (real name Dinero Jones), Will Smith was a far better rapper than 2Pac when he was alive. However, this highly controversial opinion has shaken the hip-hop community. 

In a recent interview, the label executive praised Will Smith and made sure to give the Fresh Prince his flowers. Furthermore, it is undeniable that Will Smith and 2Pac have a history concerning Jada Pinkett Smith.

Speaking with FCTHETRUTH, Jones told people to hold Smith in high regard, stating, “Put some respect on Will Smith name, bro. The only thing ‘Pac did better than Will was got killed better in real life. Other than that, he can’t fuck with Will on nothing. Music-wise, Will was hotter than ‘Pac. Will was hotter than ‘Pac before ‘Pac was hot — this a fact.”

Another reason that Wack 100 believed Smith was better is because he was multi-faceted, stating, “And guess what? He did something ‘Pac didn’t do. Ya’ll ready for this one? He put his DJ on. What’s ‘Pac DJ name? What’s Will Smith DJ name?”

Jada Pinkett-Smith had an extremely close relationship with 2Pac while studying at the Baltimore School for the Arts. He was so close he even wrote her a poem. However, as she continues the press tour for her upcoming book, Worthy, she has repeatedly mentioned Shakur’s name in relation to Will Smith.

During a recent appearance on the On Purpose podcast with Jay Shetty, Pinkett-Smith unveiled that hse believes 2Pac and Will Smith would have been very close today had Shakur not been murdered in 1996. You can hear Wack 100’s interview below.